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  • Trekking

    Trekking often refers to multi-day hiking trips through rural, often rugged territory. Many people who are trekkers engage in longer trips through entire regions of the world.It tends to be less-structured than other sort of travel, as weather conditions and topography.

  • Summer Camps

    Summer camp is a supervised program for children or teenagers conducted during the summer months in some countries. Not forgetting your Summer Vacations, we are back with our exciting and adventurous programmes.Summer camps are great experiences for kids.

  • Rafting

    Rafting or white water rafting is a challenging recreational outdoor activity using an inflatable raft to navigate a river or other bodies of water. This is usually done on white water or different degrees of rough water, in order to thrill and excite the raft passengers.

  • Mountain Biking

    It’s thrilling and it’s addictive. Cycle down from the slopes of mountains at high speeds, see the landscape go behind you OR take a leisure, exploratory cycling trip in the low lying hills.Mountain biking is the sport of riding bicycles off-road, often over rough terrain.

  • Jungle Vacations for Wildlife enthusiats.

    We offer pre-organized as well as customized packages that vary in length and destination, and can be tailored to fulfil all your needs. We specialize in creating exciting adventure safaris for people who are looking for something different.

  • visit sanctuary

    Wildlife in India is world-recognized and marked by the presence of around 99 national parks, 442 wildlife sanctuaries and 43 tiger reserves all over the different states. These national parks and sanctuaries are the most visited sites in India, to enjoy the unmatchable.